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Goodmorning. I want you to meet my love. She’s my girl. She’s my princess. I love her so much. ♥

Ang saya saya ko sa tuwing nakikita kong masaya siya dahil sakin. Tapos makikita ko yung ngiti na yan. BOOM INLOVE! ♥ over and over. Ewan ko ba. Ang lakas ng tama ko sakanya. Yung mata niya, parang punong puno ng pagmamahal. Yung ngiti niya nandun na yata lahat. hihihihihi :”“>

Yehey! She’s mine na. July 15, 2014 birthday niya, tapos naging kami. At ayon, ang sarap sarap sa pakiramdam.  Kung alam niyo lang. hihihii ♥

I love you so much mahal. :) Ikaw lang po talaga. Di na ko titingin pa sa iba. ♥



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6 Things I Want to Do With You ♥

1.Dance with you. I want to us to dance out there like there’s no one watching. I want you to join me in every steps i make. I want you to catch me to every twist and turn i’m going to make.

2.Cuddle with you. I want you beside my bed. I want to hug you, kiss you and feel your heartbeat. I want us to lie down there and sleep together.

3.Eat with you. I want us to eat together. I’m a food lover and I want you to be there joining me eating. I don’t care if we’ll get fat as long as the two of us are happy munching those favorite foods we like.

4.Sing with you. I want to sing with you. I don’t mind if it’s either you or me having a terrible voice as long as i’m singing with you. I know i’m not a good singer but I don’t care. I may be out of tune but it doesn’t matter because i know you still love me despite of it.

5.Read books with you.  Now this is my favorite. I want you to join me reading my favorite books. I want us to share different stories from each book we’re reading. I want to lie down with you holding one of the most valuable thing for me in the whole world.

6.Play with you. I want to play video games with you. I want to sit there in the couch with you and make bets of who will win the game. I want to beat you. I want to withstand your ability in playing games but i know i can’t cause your so good when it comes to it.

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This is just so sweet. Not just “cheesy.” But this is the real definition of love. The boy is amazing. He loves the girl no matter what disability the girl has. Love is not about the appearance, the skills, abilities or anything else. If you love someone, you have to prove it. You have to be “committed” to that person. You will never leave her no matter what. I hope this is an inspiration to every boy out there. I suddenly realize that there are still people like this. I do hope so.

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"I like you."

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Masaya na ko kung anu na lang ang natira. Kahit wala ka na. 

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